Body Wash Hack…Save, Save, Save!


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I love making my own body wash.

1. Because it’s cheaper and 2. Well, because it’s cheaper!


Start will any bar soap. I like to use Dove because it’s a better quality that will lead to a smooth and creamy wash. I use a knife to chop up the soap (some people use a grater but I find that tedious, and if you chop in the right direction the soap will crumb into flakes. Add the flakes into a LARGE pot of boiling water (I made the mistake of using too small of a pot and experienced an overflow- see below!)

Proportions = ~2 cups of water for every 1 bar of soap (this is for the regular Dove bar soap, if using a larger bar make sure you add a little extra water)


It will froth up as you stir in the soap, but keep stirring until it is nicely dissolved.


I add in Coconut Oil for extra ‘silkyness’ (about 2 T).


And Jojoba Oil (purchased online to make my skin silky soft (about 30-40 drops).


Once everything is added and the soap is dissolved, you will have a nice creamy mixture (again, make sure you use a big enough pot!). Turn off the heat and let the mixture sit until cool. This will take hours! I typically make soap in the evening and let it sit overnight to cool. NOTE: It will thicken as it cools so if it is not “body wash” thick when you turn off the heat don’t worry. After it is cool, you can add fragrance or essential oils (I used a cucumber melon fragrance for this batch). Then fill empty bottles and enjoy a rich lather the next time you shower, for a fraction of the cost!




Parmesan and Lemon Crusted Salmon


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I love eating fish in the summer. It’s light, healthy, and pairs well with citrus. Try this easy Salmon recipe for a healthy and quick summer meal.

Crust: Mix 1/4 c bread crumbs, 1/4 c grated Parmesan cheese, Lemon zest from one lemon, 2 tsp. Thyme, 1 tsp. Parsley.

I get a piece of salmon big enough for two.

salmon4Salt the fillet with kosher salt and add the crust.


Bake at 375 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, for an entire fillet (1/2 fish) bake for 25-30 min. The fish should fall apart easily but not be dry.


Serve with a healthy wild rice blend and additional lemon juice, if desired.






DIY Ring Tray


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An easy, perfect catch-all tray for the bathroom or kitchen sink…

Picked up these gems at the local Michael’s store.

Ceramic tray $1.00 and lion was in a tube of animals for $5 (after coupon). TIP: The tube has 12 animals in it, so pick up a few trays and make awesome Christmas gifts for friends!




Make sure you spray everything with a good base. I used a paint and primer in one to evenly coat everything to a clean white base + primer to prevent the ceramic and plastic from scratching.


Spray every side until covered…don’t forget the animal’s underside.


After it dries, simply glue the animal to the center of the tray! If desired, paint the entire piece in a metallic gold or silver for a classy look.








Soy Vay Very Very Easy Teriyaki


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My husband is in love with a crappy little Teriyaki House restaurant in a small local town here in Northern CA. I personally think the food there is revolting. So, I came to the conclusion that I would have to start making an awesome teriyaki stir fry at home to please both him and me. I discovered this little gem of a marinade and sauce…Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki. Best discovery ever!



I buy pre-cut “stir fry beef” at the store (1 lb.) so it’s easy to cook after a long day at work. I throw the beef in a bowl with about 1/4 c of the Veri Veri Teriyaki and let it sit for about 30 min. This gives me enough time to take the dog for a walk and pre-cut all of the veggies. I put some jasmine rice in the cooker and start heating a pan. Stir-fry only takes about 5-10 minutes to cook so plan accordingly.


Cook the beef thoroughly and remove. Add veggies and cook until tender. I use whatever veggies I have at home, so tonight’s dinner consisted of onions, carrots, green peppers, and bamboo shoots. Add the beef back in and a little more Veri Veri Teriyaki (about 3 tablespoons).


Plate over the jasmine rice and top with chopped green onion. Don’t even worry about presentation; it’ll be gone in an instant.


Use Soy Vay for everything! Beef, Chicken, Salmon, or just over plain rice.





June Must List


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Oh June, how we love your sunshine and warmth. Make sure you welcome this wonderful cheerful month with the right accessories and habits to make your month count!

1. FlipBelts are all the rage. Get one to help keep you organized while you get in shape! $30

2. CamelBak Wounded Warrior Water Bottle- Help a great cause while helping your cause…staying hydrated all summer. $15

3. Stay cool while laying out with a personal mister or fan. $10-$20

4. Bring the indoors out! Add bright colored lanterns for a beautiful backyard glow. $10-$50

5. Keep your hair off the back of your neck. It’s getting too hot! No-pull hair-ties. $5

6. Keep the wasps away with homemade repellants (we only want to repel, not kill). Lemons + Cloves = PRICELESS.

Let’s Do This….#28


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#28 Get PRK or Lasik eye surgery. I am so sick of contacts and glasses.

Back to my “30 Things to Do Before I’m 30” List and I’m taking action!


I have had THREE Lasik consultations with different doctors in the Sacramento area. All with differing opinions and practices. I chose the most conservative doctor I could find who stressed that I should not have Lasik eye surgery, however choose PRK because of my particular situation. I have my surgery scheduled on June 26…that’s less than 2 weeks! I am so nervous but I cannot wait.

Why I chose to have the surgery?

Many reasons actually. Wearing glasses and/or contacts is an inconvenience and daily commitment. I cannot sleep with any type of contacts (even the ones that say it’s ok to sleep in) and I cannot wear glasses for most of the activities I enjoy (anything done in sunny CA requires sunglasses). I have never had the luxury of being able to “get up and go”.

This is also a money saver! After a lot of crunching numbers, estimated an average of 10 solid years of uncorrected vision (after surgery, this is the norm) I would be saving almost $4,000 on contacts, solution, and prescription upgrades.

Taking these two main reasons into consideration, and the added bonus of being able to just fall asleep on the couch for a mid-afternoon nap without having to take out contacts and roll over and crush my frames (it’s happened), I decided to just do it!

If you are in or near the Sacramento area and are interested in the specific Doctors I visited, feel free to contact me.



“Hands-Free Fun”…Bringing Back the Fanny Pack


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That’s right. The fanny pack has been slowly working its way back into mainstream fashion. Don’t just take my word for it. Look around the next time you’re out and about.

These are a few of my favorite, handmade takes on the classic fanny pack.


“Two More Pockets” featured on Etsy. $36.00


“Naytures Empire” featured on Etsy. $135.00


“Rocksandsalt” featured on Etsy. $64.00

Try one out and see how much easier your life is when you can have HANDS FREE FUN!


#3 Try a new and exotic food.


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Slowly but surely I will accomplish everything on the “30 Things to Do Before I’m 30” List.

#3 Try a new and exotic food.

There is no better way to try new foods in the form of something you already love. That’s why my husband and I went to the Flaming Grill Cafe in Sacramento, CA to try some exotic burgers.

On the menu: Wild Boar, Bison, Elk, Antelope, Venison, and Kangaroo!

Despite having no air conditioning in 90 degree California weather, we still had a great experience trying new and exotic burgers. I ordered the Wild Boar and my husband tried the Elk.


Trying something new is always fun when it looks like an American Classic.


Was it good?? You tell me! That’s all that’s left of my 1/2 lb. burger (pretty much just everything that slid out).


Don’t be afraid to try new foods! I was always terrified to bite down into a flavor I was unfamiliar with, but I have found some new and amazing foods to top my favorites list.




Not just for the bedroom…


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Too Faced-Boudoir Eyes

My new favorite eye shadow pallet has crossed the boundary of “smokey and seductive” to everyday use. Using subtle tones, like Fuzzy Handcuffs and Satin Sheets, you can create an everyday look without the drama.



Lid: Fuzzy Handcuff, Crease: Garter Belt, Highlights (hard to see in picture but outside it shimmers): Satin Sheets.


Who Would have Guessed?! Kate Spade for Less!


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While shopping around online I saw a link that said “Kate Spade up to 75% off”…of course I was intrigued. Much to my surprise, it directed me to and NOT a knock-off, “designer-inspired” website. I never knew Kate Spade had a SALE section on her website. Typically I shop Amazon for discount Kate Spade, however the website has “newer” seasonal selections at a REALLY GOOD DISCOUNT. Check it out.

To the Window [to the window], To the Wall [to the wall]….


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For as far as the eye can see….books 🙂 IMG_3081I love walking into an old book store and smelling history. The old, musty smell of books that have been passed through dozens of hand, that have been cried on and thrown against a wall. Some people say it’s gross, but I think it’s  warm and inviting.

Although with technology being the way it is, and having bought myself a Nook a few years back, I no longer get to take these fun trips to book store. So, I decided to take an afternoon and wander through a little shop to flip through these almost-ancient relics to see what I could find that had to find a home on my bookshelf.

In a quest to complete my “30 Thing to Do Before I’m 30” list, I picked up a few classics:

Wuthering Height

Little Women


Lord of the Flies.

Now to finish the book I’m in the middle of and give one of these a try!




Spring is Here!


Flowers have arrived on my backyard bushes and I couldn’t be happier to see them and for what they represent- spring, renewal and warmer weather! Here’s what I’m looking forward to :

Iced Tea steeped in the sunshine
walks to the lake with my dogs
laying by the pool reading a book and getting sun on these pasty legs
buying our first grill
my husband cooking me dinner on our first grill
lunching outside

So happy, after complainig all winter about the cold I am even more appreciative than ever to have Soring here.


Wallet fit for a Princess



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I was shopping today at Nordstrom with my mother and came across this beautiful wallet and fell in love. The picture does not do it justice. It is the most unique, girly, rich wallet I have ever seen. I don’t usually get excited about wallets, but this one I practically ran people over to get a closer look at. The leather is soft like butter and the wallet is so stunning I would never put it in my purse, I would carry it like a clutch for date night. At $170.00 I wouldn’t be able to go out so for now I will share it with you.


Check one off the list…30 Thing to do Before I’m 30


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I recently made a list of 30 Thing to do Before I Turn 30. While looking it over, realizing that I had a long way to go and I better get started, I came to the conclusion that I had already gotten started!

Number 25: Give something or someone a second chance.

Last week I got a notification from an animal rescue that I volunteer with that an animal was ill and needed to be fostered to be brought back to health. I didn’t give it a second thought, I immediately replied back and went to pick up the animal.


After less than one week, she back to full health and full of energy. She’s still a little thin but animals in my home don’t stay malnourished for long. Last night was the first night she actually ate an entire bowl of food and was begging for more! She is now available for adoption.

This won’t be the last time either…there will be many more “second chances” to come.